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Enrollment increase brings school spirit

VSU is known for its championship football team after recently winning the NCAA Division II Championship in 2004 and 2007.
But it seemed that VSU’s school spirit was lacking as compared to other football crazed schools. Saturday’s opener gave some a little more hope in the school spirit department.
 This past weekend’s game versus Newberry proved to be the change that was needed at VSU, as increased enrollment brought about a new generation of students who bleed the black and red of the school spirit Title Town needs.
 Long lines wrapped around the stadium as students stood eagerly awaiting to get their card scanned by a new time consuming technology. Upper class students sat on the visitors’ side of the stadium for the first time in their collegiate career. Once inside Bazemore-Hyder Stadium, fans took their seats with Blazer pride to hear the infamous BLAZERS FIRST DOWN!
 This new generation of school spirit listened as the Blazin’ Brigade played throughout the game and demonstrated their school spirit during halftime.
 Our cheerleaders flipped and yelled across the field, showing us school spirit to the max.  Students wore black and red and painted their faces as if they were a Georgia Bulldog in Athens, but instead were on fire for their VSU Blazers in the Valdosta sun.
  Faculty members sat in their reserved seats as they observed the traditions of students all coming together for one class called Blazer Football.
 Larger class sizes, crowded buses and less parking are some issues that we have to deal with due to our enrollment increase. But we now should all have a positive outlook on how this increase has a positive effect on our campus. This enrollment has brought forth much needed school spirit to our traditional Spanish Mission campus.
 So even if we didn’t make that first win against Newberry to start the season with bragging rights to our peers, we should all take pride in our newfound school spirit.
 Be proud that we once again came together to show our faith in our Blazers by attending their first game in record numbers.
Acknowledge that we packed out the stadium screaming VSU LET’S GO!
 We should take all this into consideration when supporting our athletics and that should be a greatly appreciated start to our season. Way to go Blazers.

This editorial was written by Danielle Everson (dveverson@valdosta.edu) and it expresses the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

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