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Sonya’s serves authentic cuban

This week we wanted something authentic so we went down to Sonia’s Cuban restaurant at 402 Northside dr.
The atmosphere was nothing to be wowed about. There were a few small pictures of Cuban landmarks on the wall and the room smelled like smoke. They definitely didn’t put their money into decoration. The chairs were exactly like the ones you sit in at high school.
The service was pretty good. There was only one server there and she didn’t speak the greatest English, but she was very nice and patiently described all of the dishes we didn’t know about. She was prompt with filling drinks and polite.
Ashley had the pork chunks with the yellow rice sweet plantains and cassava. Anything that was wrong with the atmosphere or the service was made up for by the food. The yellow rice was delicious with a big flavor. The pork chunks were crusted with a soulful sauce. The sweet plantains were fried to perfection. The only thing Ashley didn’t like was the cassava. It was a little heavy, a bit like a potato dumpling. She licked her plate clean, and there was a lot of food. She finished off with a Three Milks for dessert. A filling cake covered with a creamy milk sauce. Somehow the sauce didn’t make the cake soggy even after she took it home. For all of this, Ashley paid about $11.
Michael tired the pepper steak with a side of fried green plantains and French fries. The fries were not that special and had little to do with Cuban cuisine but the steak was delicious. The peppers added so much flavor that it had to be eaten in small bites; otherwise it would be too much. The fried green plantains were a change of pace with a subtle taste which complimented the steak very well. The whole meal was washed done with classic canned Pepsi, not too fancy but it hit the spot. The meal was also very fairly priced considering the amount of food served; it cost a little less than $9. It was a great little place to eat and the food makes it a very memorable trip.
For amazing food but poor atmosphere, the Tasters are giving Sonia’s Cuban restaurant four out of five stars.

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