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The FuZion Models reach out through PhaZes

 FuZion modeling is a group, made up of full-time VSU students, organized to promote beauty and self-confidence among the youth in the Valdosta community since July 2008.
“FuZion has teamed up with the Mildred Hunters cCmmunity Center to continue a middle/high school modeling group called PhaZes that was created over eight years ago,” Amaris Hawkins, director of FuZion, said.
 FuZion meets with the ladies of PhaZes every Thursday night and Saturday morning free of charge. During  the practice, the girls learn how to walk, stand before the show, and how to carry themselves both in and outside the catwalk. FuZion prepares the girls for two fashion shows throughout the school year, one in fall as well as one in spring. Though the girls wear their own clothing,  many of their accessories and props are provided through grants. �
 “Along with teaching the girls beauty and modeling techniques, they are able to talk to us about anything; they look up to us as being the successful college women they hope to one day be,” said Hawkins.
 When show time comes the girls are well prepared with what to wear, how to where it, as well as how to flaunt it on the runway. FuZion makes a great effort to include other organizations from the VSU student body. The last show the girls participated in included interludes from  members of Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta.
 The ladies of both FuZion and PhaZes are required to keep their grades above a 2.0GPA  in order to be a member as well as carry themselves like ladies with a willingness to help others in need.
 “I became interested in FuZion because of their non-traditional standards and goals they seek; FuZion is open to all willing to entertain as well as make a difference through PhaZes, with no height and weight requirements,”  Janel Roberts, FuZion member, said.
 Though a great deal of the practice is spent learning and practicing new techniques, the girls have a great time and are really able to show their true personalities.
 Though FuZion has only been working with the Mildred Hunter Center for a year, this is something all the members wish to continue as long as they can. Though promoters pay FuZion to make appearances at social functionsand FuZion provides excellent community service by being role models for young girls with no on to look up to. Many of the children at the MHC have no one to teach them how to be a lady, and though beauty is not everything, it is important to know how to carry yourself with pride and confidence while having fun.
 “We are talented ladies who encourage women and young girls to be strong and confident, as well as push them to make something out of themselves; I love my FuZion girls!” said FuZion member Monique Underwood.

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