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Tips for test anxiety

 In college, the idea of taking a test may cause more anxiety than it did in high school.  Tests seem to be worth more in your undergrad classes because professors may give out few grades, causing your midterm and final to weigh heavily on your final grade.
 The fact that one poor test grade could ruin your chances of passing a class can cause anyone great stress.  However, there are plenty of ways to avoid the anxiety associated with test taking.
 Testtakingtips.com is a website dedicated to helping students handle testing by providing stress reducing tips.  They even provide other resources for helping students deal with other problem areas associated with test taking, such as time management and writing skills
 “Test anxiety is when a student excessively worries about doing well on a test. This can become a major hindrance on test performance and cause extreme nervousness and memory lapses among other symptoms,” according to the Web site.
 Here are tips to help avoid these problems that can be used prior to the exam and during test time:
 -Preparation is the best defense against test anxiety.  Study early and in detail to avoid cramming.
 -If you need help better understanding the material, speak to your professor/instructor outside of class or go to the Student Success Center located in Langdale.
 -Maintain a positive attitude going into the exam.
 -Get a good night’s rest before the day of the test.  Again, avoid late night cramming.
 -Arrive to class early to avoid stress caused by being late.
 -Exercising a few days before the test will help reduce stress.
 -Write down important facts, definitions, formulas, and/or keywords in the margins first so you won’t forget them later.
 -Answer the simpler questions first to build confidence for the harder questions.  Often the most recently learned material falls at the end of the exam.
 -Take the test at your own pace; don’t worry how fast your neighbor is going.  For all you know, they may not have a clue and could be winging it.
 -Read the directions carefully.
 -If you do not understand a question or its directions, ask a professor/instructor to clarify.
 -Make sure your writing is legible to avoid any misunderstandings.
 -If you still feel anxiety about a test, go to VSU’s Counseling Center located in Powell Hall.

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