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The Deep Release Poetry society

 Picture an old, historic building, lit by candlelight, and a winding staircase with a bow overlooking the common area. Kind of screams “eerie,” doesn’t it? Glancing downwards you might notice an array of individuals dressed in costumes, sipping on apple cider, surrounding around a microphone. This type of setting seems to be just the right fit for ghouls, ghosts, and horror stories. Not quite—this is the Deep Release Poetry Society, and Tuesday night their focus was on POE-etry.
 The evening opened up with the familiar poem entitled “The Raven,” by Edgar Allen Poe. However, some of these students decided to put their own spin on the night by sharing their own personal poems, on topics ranging from vaginal infections to robbing children of their precious candy. As you can see, nothing is too open with this group of individuals. The Deep Release Poetry Society, named by Terrance Taylor, was established under the Student Government Sanction in the spring semester of 2009. Their officers include Alexis Hughes, Terrance Taylor, Bridgitte Ivey, and Scott Barron. Meetings are held in the beautiful and historic Ashley Hall on Main Campus at 8 p.m. every other Tuesday. It is a place where one can release and share his or her words with other students, and enjoy refreshments offered by VSU’s very own English Department.
 In the near future, the Deep Release Poetry Society plans to team up with the VSU Art Society and create a combined silent auction to aid The Big Brothers and Sisters of Lowndes County. All proceeds will go to this organization, which is deemed to be in severe financial need at this time.
 The next meeting of the Deep Release Poetry Society will be held in Ashley Hall on Tuesday Nov. 10 at 8 p.m.  Bring your poems and open ears; I am sure you will not be disappointed by the immense creativity and intrigue of your fellow students.

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