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VSU flasher caught

 Last Thursday, the VSU Police Department arrested a suspect in the recent indecent exposure cases throughout Valdosta, after he was reportedly seen engaging in a sexual act in a stairwell of the Education Center.
 According to VSUPD, around 1 p.m at the Education Center, a student, whose identity is not being released, was using the copy machine located in the hallway of the east side entrance to the building. As she was using the copier, the student noticed a man watching her from under the stairwell at the end of the hall past the entrance. She also noticed that the stranger was performing a lewd, sexual act with himself in plain view. Without panicking, the student calmly gathered her things and moved to the opposite end of the hall. She entered the first open room she came across and quickly called the police to report the stranger.
 It was at this moment when Corporal Joshua Luke of the VSUPD got the call. Accompanied by Patrol Officer Yolanda Hall, Luke left Jane Street and quickly made his way to the Education Center. As he got onto Oak Street from Brookwod Drive, he caught sight of a man, who fit the description of the suspect, riding a bike heading northbound on Oak. After verifying the description with dispatch, Luke did not hesitate to pursue the suspect. Using his loudspeaker, Luke ordered the suspect to stop twice before blocking the suspect’s path with his patrol car. Stuck between Luke and Hall, the suspect complied with instructions and made no further attempt to resist arrest.
 The suspect allegedly confessed to committing three of the other six cases of indecent exposure on campus, as well as one of the incidents off campus. He is also being charged with obstruction for not obeying the orders of Luke and making him give chase. As of now, no personal information has been given yet about the suspect, except that he has been on parole after being recently released from prison.
 “I’m just happy that we managed to arrest the guy,” said Luke. “With criminals like this, you just never know what they are going to do. Over time, they tend to become more aggressive.”
 Both Luke and Major Ann Farmer, Assistant Director of the VSUPD, gave credit to the victim for making the arrest possible. The student handled the situation perfectly, providing a textbook example of how to handle a dangerous offender.
 “It was the actions of the victim that allowed us to catch him,” said Farmer. “I’m really proud of the officers and the victim for their contributions in this arrest.”
 Though one criminal is off the streets, the VSUPD encourages students to get involved in their own safety. Practice the buddy system, be aware of your surroundings, and keep the emergency phone number (229-259-5555) in your cell phone at all times. VSU police also offer a series of self-defense courses throughout the year, including a Rape Aggression Defense course that is instructed by Luke.

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