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This is a big thank you for nothing

I imagine that some of you may have been surprised to find that Tiger Woods was not the only one getting busted up over the break. While the rest of the student body was preparing to stuff their mouths with turkey, attendants at a Sigma Nu party were chewing on fists and broken teeth.
But not to worry Blazers, there are plenty of leftovers for us to digest. It’s just too bad that we can’t find them in the fridge.
Unfortunately, only so much can be said about the free-for-all that occurred at the Sigma Nu house. Rumors aside; we only have so many facts to go on. As of now, there have been no arrests and although the Sigma Nu’s have told their side of the story, the football team and athletic department have done well keeping quiet about the whole incident. Which one of those actions appears to be more suspicious is a matter of preference, but we do know that a young girl got involved only to be knocked senseless by some giant d-bag who has yet to confess to the assault. I suppose hiding is to be expected from a coward, but I’m sure his friends are real impressed with his great display of strength.
Of course, students should not overlook the big picture concerning this brawl. This is a conflict between two student organizations that have a lot to lose depending on the results of the investigation. Rest assured, if the judicial board’s hammer has to fall, they don’t want to be the ones under it. So what better way to get out of trouble than blaming the whole thing on someone else? It’s a bit kindergarten, but there are futures on the line here.
If any of what is alleged is proven to be true, there could be consequences. For Sigma Nu, their charter could be revoked. For the football players, they risk being kicked off the team. And then there’s the administration, who I’m sure want nothing more than to just sweep this ugly mess under the rug and forget it ever happened. It’s no secret that universities are prone to hide any negative publicity that comes from the random and violent antics of the student body.
As for the rest of you, Blazers, I find it hard to believe that no one has any information to report on this story. I never underestimate society and their inability to keep secrets, especially when it comes to testosterone and fighting. If a guy punches out another guy, he’s going to talk about it. The male ego runs on props and I can’t imagine that there is no one that has heard this story straight from someone with a bruised knuckle or two. The fact that I have yet to see this fight on YouTube still amazes me.
It’s about responsibility, folks. There are those who need to be held responsible for the bruises, the unconscious girl, and the busted head that resulted from this fight, whether it be Sigma Nu, football players, or anybody else who got involved in this nonsense. So if you know something, report it.

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