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Construction on campus continues

 Construction on campus may be an inconvenience for students, but the new projects reinforce the campus’ Spanish theme.
 “Nevins Hall renovation was funded by the state legislature and includes the renovation of the interior of Nevins Hall to increase the number of classrooms and faculty offices,” Raymond Sable, Director of Plant Operations at VSU, said.
 This operation is expected to be completed in March, but the section of Nevins that is being renovated may not be occupied until the end of the semester.
 Along with the construction that is going on inside of Nevins Hall, a new pedestrian mall is being built that can be seen from the top of the stairs in front of the library. This new pedestrian mall will be wider than the previous one that stretched from Converse Residence Hall to Nevins.
 Odom Library is continuing its renovation. Last semester the second floor of the library was renovated, and construction will move to the first floor this semester.
 “The majority of this work is replacing the ceiling, air conditioning and lighting, but also includes painting and carpet,” Sable said. “We expect the first floor renovation to start in March 2010 and be completed in the fall.”
 The plan for the renovations for Langdale Hall will begin in February.
 “The contractor is renovating one wing of the residence hall with the long term plan to renovate one wing each year for the next three years,” Sable said.
 The construction in the Palms quad and in from of Langdale Hall is expected to finish in the next two months.

“The other infrastructure project is the replacement of the water lines around campus,” Sable said. “The majority of the main water lines on campus have been installed and the contractor is now connecting each building to the new water line.”

The project will is expected to be completed by the end of the semester

Future construction includes the work with the north building of Converse Hall and the new construction of a three story psychology building; a project which should take about 14 months to complete, according to Sable.

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