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Student Union offers variety

The new Student Union offers more food choices on campus with the returning pizza grill restaurant The Loop, along with new choices Nathan’s Famous, and Starbucks Coffee in a combined food court area. When asked about the student response to the new food establishments, the supervisors all said that the students loved to stop and grab something to eat, drink or hang out.

“I think a lot of students are just stuck on campus all the time, and unless you have a friend that can take you off campus, or a car of your own, because if you don’t have that you really just end up eating the same thing all the time so it’s nice to have some choices,” Kim Wright, Junior Double Major in Spanish and English, said.

“It’s a good new twist for more variety, but price-wise I don’t think, with meal-plans and whatnot, they give us enough,” Katelyn Zimmerman, Junior General Studies Majo,r said. “I like how it’s in the Student Union where there’s so many different places to study in the Union so I can go grab a coffee, go study upstairs, or go grab lunch…it’s definitely more diverse student-wise because you have people off campus and on campus. I feel like they could have more space for lines, but it works.”

According to Jacqueline Morrson, Starbucks supervisor, one of the reason’s student responses are so positive for Starbuck’s is that students have more of a desire for the upscale coffee.

Courtney Ponder, The Loop supervisor, said that she felt students coming to the Loop liked the more dine-in service and experience, and also said that sometimes the wait for orders may be long, but that they try their best to provide faster service each visit.

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