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Top movies of the 70s take us back to the epic

 The 70’s are known for many things. Disco, polyester leisure suits, hippies and great movies. Many of these movies have become cult classics with huge followings. This is a list of the top ten movies of the decade.   The first great movie of the 70’s was released in 1970 and is one of the most well known romance movies ever made. Love Story starring Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal is the story of two college students who fall in love, marry, and begin to make a life together. Ever heard of the saying “love means never having to say you’re sorry”? You can thank Love Story for that. Could anything be more synonymous with the 70’s than John Travolta? Saturday Night Fever combines these two in a great mix of disco balls, great dance moves and the BeeGees.
 Animal House is the movie that began the trend. Without Bluto, Otter, and Flounder, there would be no Old School, Van Wilder or American Pie. Easily one of the best comedies in the past fifty years, (and how could it not be with a horse in the dean’s office, a food fight and the biggest toga party of the decade?)Animal House set the bar high.
 In 1971, A Clockwork Orange was released and over the past thirty-nine years, this movie still speaks volumes about current culture. Based in futuristic Britain, teenage gang members go on criminal rampages nightly. A member is caught, sent to jail, undergoes ‘aversion therapy’ and is released back into the real world. Superman: The Movie, starring Chris Reeve, was the beginning of all the superhero, comic book movies.
 Rocky is not just a story about boxing, but a story of overcoming challenges and finding the self respect it takes to win. The Rocky franchise still continues today with the recent release of Rocky Balboa in 2009. Clint Eastwood starred in a cop action thriller called Dirty Harry was released in 1971. With lines like “Do ya feel lucky… punk?” what’s not to love?
 We all know the theme song. It has become synonymous with terror lurking right around the corner. Jaws, a Spielberg classic, is a movie that everyone should see and who would want to miss a giant, man killing shark wreaking havoc on a small town? Voted Best Movie of All Time in Empire Magazine,
 The Godfather, is an iconic movie starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. It’s your typical man’s movie but girls, you’ll score major points with your guy for watching it with him.
 Finally, who could forget about a little movie called Star Wars? The 1977 release began an empire with a king named George Lucas and a prince named Luke Skywalker. Star Wars is one of the most well known movies that released in the 1970’s.
 With a list like this, you’ll have plenty of movies to watch on the cold and rainy days that are sure to come with February. So let the disco era brighten your dull winter and enjoy the classics.

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