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No one is happy with the Union

At the Feb. 22 SGA meeting, some, but not all, of student concerns with the new Student Union eateries were addressed. Many students still have major concerns about the menus and service at both Nathan’s and The Loop. SGA President Kelli Cody helped expand the menus by adding three combos (a 3-piece chicken tenders combo, the Cajun salmon combo, and the grilled salmon combo) and also helped to lower the cost of some menu items, but students are still up in arms about the Union’s prices and slow service.
Though the combos help students save money, other things at The Loop are still highly overpriced. From what I know, pizza is still in the $8 range for the smallest serving size
“Three bucks for one hot dog and eight dollars for a chicken tenders are absurd,” Ashley Chisholm, VSU sophomore, ranted. “Gourmet or not, they should still have reasonable prices. Also, the time you have to wait is ridiculous. People wait there for a quick meal at a supposed fast food area for 20 minutes at a time. All we want is our food before we go to class.”
Another problem is that students complain that the service time at The Loop is still incredibly long. Students have reported waiting for food more than 20 minutes. Many students are shying away from The Loop and going elsewhere in the Union or on campus. Time is of the essence and VSU students do not have time for The Loop.
Miranda McNeal, education major, suspects that the The Loop is losing money because of the long waits. She stopped going to The Loop because of the wait, and I am sure others have as well. The food may be good, but never worth the wait. In addition, The Loop employees seem overwhelmed despite the decline in customers. Dealing with customers that still do put up with the wait times at The Loop, they were unavailable for comment.
Some students are more concerned about the lack of healthy options, as only greasy, fattening food that is served in the Union. Other students simply would like a variety of menu options beyond pizza, burgers, and hot dogs.
Sophomore Ashley Claassen, feels that a Panda Express would be more beneficial than Nathan’s, as Panda Express offers steamed dishes, with more healthful ingredients. “Through [Nathan’s], the school is promoting unhealthy eating habits. I personally do not like Nathan’s,” Claassen said.
Nathan’s is still a crowded hangout for eating and, although concerns exist, seems to thrive. On the other hand, The Loop still has customers, but not as many as Nathan’s. Students feel that campus hot spots should address concerns about them if they want to be successful.
“On a university campus full of young, cash-strapped students in a bad economy, we should have lower prices on the things offered on the on-campus dining spots,” Claussen added.

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