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Worst case scenario likely

With the revenue numbers from February decreasing 10 percent, the worst case scenario of an extra $300 million in budget cuts for the University System of Georgia is becoming more likely.
Governor Sonny Perdue released the February revenue information Monday March 8 showing a decrease in revenue.
In a press conference Thursday, March 4 with Senator Seth Harp, House Representative Earl Ehrhart explained that the worst case scenario of a full $565 million expected from the USG would only be if the revenue numbers February and March came back less than expected.
“If the February comes in, in a very negative sense, none of us want to come back here for a special session,” said Senator Seth Harp. “The people of the state of Georgia don’t want us to come back in a special session and lower again and go back through this exercise.”
The low numbers are exactly what the legislators were preparing for with the worst case scenarios. “These are unprecedented economic times that we face,” Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle said. ”You have to prioritize what the essential government functions that we do that are going to have to go by the wayside.”
The worst case scenario is something that the people of Georgia are going to have to accept. With close to $2 billion being cut from our budget, we’re going to do what we have to do to have a balanced budget Harp said multiple times during the press conference.
In the press conference the two legislators said that they’re listening to what the constituents of Georgia have to say in regards to this budget situation and will work with the Board of Regents to find a solution that won’t dismantle the higher education system. The suggestions on how the funds allocated to the USG should work with the cuts will be made this week Ehrhart said.

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  1. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has been reporting for a week that budget cuts to the University System will be much less than the 300+ million called for by the legislature. Governor Purdue has committed to protecting the University System from the draconian budget cuts proposed last week System administrators in response to the Legislature. Here is a link to reporting today from the AJC today that reports that the System will fair much better than projected:


    It would be responsible of the Spectator to report these figures to help calm fears of our students rather than reporting worse case news that is old and outdated.

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