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People Poll: What’s your Spring Break horror story?

Sam Raffield
English major
“I had to sit through New Moon with Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson with their shirts off. ”

Stephanie Cooper
English major
“My boyfriend got pulled over in Panama City and got eight tickets in one stop.”

Ansley Fender
English major
“We were in PC and there was a drunk girl in the bushes screaming about needing to find her boyfriend. We tried to take her home but she couldn’t remember where she was staying or any of her friends’ phone numbers. She finally remembered her boyfriend’s number. He came to pick her up, but we forgot to check if he was really her boyfriend.”

Shannon Reaves
early childhood major
“They gave me so much laughing gas at the dentist. I was high for two days.”

Vinson Butler IV
music education major
“My car was smoking then when my mom started the car, the entire rear end fell off. ”

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