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Reality skankiness goes global

If the international community is running low on reasons to sustain their contempt for American culture, they are about to hit the jackpot—thank MTV and the guidos and guidettes of “Jersey Shore.”
This week the New York Times informed us that MTV has begun airing the show in over 30 countries and promoting it with slogans like “muscles + gel + tanning bed = sex” and “get juiced.”
Now, I am not one to promote or even abide draconian morality, but c’mon MTV. How about not airing our skankiest laundry across the globe? Were the 4.8 million of our own citizens who saw the season finale not enough?
This only reinforces my conviction that someone needs to put New Jersey out of its misery and soon… like before the sequel.
To be fair, MTV isn’t the only network irresponsibly peddling ignorance and idiocy and passing it off as reality. “Reality” TV shows have spread through our stations faster than syphilis, infecting viewers with the flimsy idea that one can shorten the search for love by gathering a group of potentials together and systematically hooking up with and then dumping them on shows like “Rock/Flavor/Shot of Love.”
I think that, just like the presidency, the only people who would sign up to have their “life” filmed for TV are the ones who really, really shouldn’t.
Even more disturbing are the viewers aka enablers. Come on guys—let go of your voyeurism so we can stop being the country that rewards douchebaggery with celebrity. Let’s band together and boycott. I propose at the top of our list of demands: No fist-pumping.

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