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VSU student and friend sing it for Simon

American Idol Lauren Sanders and Carmen Turner Audition

Those of you who watch “American Idol” may have seen a familiar face on camera this season.
Sophomore nursing major Lauren Sanders auditioned for Simon, Randy, Kara, and celebrity judge Mary J. Blige at the W Hotel in Atlanta to be the next American Idol.
The 19-year-old Baxley, Ga., native and her best friend, Carmen Turner, who will be attending VSU in the fall, waited for hours to sing for the famous faces.
“We were literally the last people to audition. We wanted to sing for Simon, but he wasn’t there for most of the day so we had to wait twice as long so we could sing for him,” Sanders said.
Sanders and Turner performed together in the audition room. In fact, Simon came up with a special nickname for the gal pals.
“He actually called us the Ditz Sisters,” Sanders said laughing, “but he was actually really nice.”
One may wonder how life would change after appearing on one of the most viewed television programs in the nation.
“Life hasn’t changed, but I’ve had a couple of people come up to me and ask about it. I just say ‘Yeah that’s me’… I’m not a woman of many words,” she said. “But everyone back home saw it. I think it’s been the most exciting thing to happen in Baxley.”
Sanders said the audition was very nerve-racking, so she used her sense of humor to break the ice. After joking around with the judges for a moment, she did her best to relax, and then performed “Only Hope” by Mandy Moore.
Sanders said she has been singing her whole life, and that Kelly Clarkson is her favorite singer. However, she loves all genres of music.
“I’m mainly a rapper,” she joked.
Even though she didn’t make it to the next round in Hollywood this year, Sanders is keeping a positive attitude. She said she plans to practice all year and then return for the judges of “American Idol” next season with a more serious attitude.
“I’m going back next year,” Sanders said, “and it won’t be a joke.”

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