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Confrontation leads to arrests

A VSU student and a Tifton resident were arrested by VSU Police after a confrontation on Tuesday in front of Palms Dining.
Shandon Greene, a Tifton resident, was arrested and charged with battery and obstruction of a police officer. Charles Chukwura, a VSU student, was arrested and charged with obstruction of a police officer.
Both suspects were taken to Valdosta County Jail.
According to Thressea Boyd, Assistant to the President for Communications, Greene was involved in an altercation with a VSU student in front of Odum Library.
Greene allegedly assaulted VSU junior Zeke Duarte and then ran with Chukwura across campus, where they were arrested by VSU police.
On Tuesday afternoon, a large amount of students around Hopper Courtyard witnessed the chase and the arrest by VSUPD. Witnesses said one person was tackled before the arrest was made. Duarte was treated by paramedics and taken to South Georgia Medical Center where he was later released.
VSUPD provided no further details on the incident and said that they are still working on a police report.
According to Greene’s Facebook page, Greene is a Tifton County High School graduate and a student at Moultrie Technical School.
When reached on Wednesday afternoon, Duarte had “no comment” on the altercation.
Obstruction is a criminal charge but not a felony. However, battery can be a felony or misdemeanor. Penalties that result in first or second offense (with no family violence) are misdemeanors. A conviction for a second offense against the same person requires a jail sentence minimum of ten days. A third offense is a felony and can earn a 1-5 year jail sentence.

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