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The new face of VSU now contains bank logo

The university takes such pride in the Student Union, it was shocking when, on Wednesday afternoon, something other than the university name or something about the University System of Georgia to appear at the entrance.
But there it stands .“First Federal Savings of Valdosta Plaza” reads the giant logo adjacent to an even larger “Valdosta State University.”
When the decision was made to take on the $43 million project of rebuilding the Student Union, the administration decided that the union would be the new face of VSU. It would be the biggest, nicest, best building on campus. This building with the enormous Valdosta State University sign and the aesthetically pleasing fountain would find its way on the front of thousands of brochures, pamphlets, and other such things.
And now so will a bank logo.
The administration intended the new union to be the campus “living room,” a place that represents Blazer cultures and a place that students, faculty, staff, and alumni should be proud of. It represents the change and growth of our university
And now so will a bank logo.
The union is the first thing you see when you’re driving down Baytree Road. The front fountain is always running, and at night, lights are placed to illuminate the letters that spell out Valdosta State University at the front of the union. The entrance to the union welcomes you to VSU
And now so will a bank logo.
A couple of months ago, rumors circulated that the university would sell part of the signage outside the union. The Spectator contacted the administration and was informed that these rumors were bogus.
Well, apparently not. Actually, they gave an entire sign to a bank, as a reward for donating to VSU. So, they gave away a piece of the new “face” of VSU as a present?
Granted, the bank giving a six-figure donation is impressive. They deserve something.
The generous donation should be honored, but not at one of the key entrances to the university.

This editorial was written by Amy Johstono (acjohstono@valdosta.edu) and it expresses the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

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