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Student denies involvement after arrest on campus

A VSU student who was arrested for obstruction claims he was wrongfully arrested and disputes the Valdosta State University Police Department’s version of events.
According to VSUPD, Charles Chukwara was arrested on April 6 in his dorm room at Langdale Hall, after he hindered officers in the process of arresting Shandon Greene, who was involved in an earlier confrontation with another VSU student.
Chukwara‘s version of events differs from the police.
Chukwara said he was preparing for his 5 p.m. class when Greene ran into his dorm room. Chukwara said he did not run across campus with Greene after the confrontation, as previously reported in The Spectator.
“My girlfriend and my friend just left my room so I could get ready for class, so my door was unlocked,” Chukwara said. “All of a sudden he [Greene] ran in my room and the first thing he said was ‘Sorry.’”
According to Chukwara, seconds later, the police showed up at the dorm room and he was put on the bed and arrested.
Chukwara then questioned police officers about his arrest.
“I was asking the cop why he was arresting me,” Chukwara said. “Then while the cop was arresting me, Shandon walked out of the room with his handcuffs on and ran. They didn’t find that man for two hours.”
Chukwara was then led from Langdale Hall to a police car. He said he helped the police find Greene by calling Greene’s girlfriend. Greene turned himself in soon after.
“I was in jail for a day and half for nothing,” Chukwara said. “I know that my teachers read that story and they may think badly of me now. I had nothing to do with the whole situation.”
Assistant Director Major Ann Farmer declined to comment, as the case is still under investigation.
According to the police document issued by VSUPD, Chukwara did not comply with officers’ demands and attempted to break free of the officer’s grasp several times. The document also says that Greene was hiding in Chukwara’s closet when the police arrived.
Chukwara said he will appear in court June 7.

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