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Let geekdom ring

The brainchild of Sarah Morean and Brian Heater, Read Comics in Public Day, will be a day of release for many comic lovers worldwide.
Although many people deny needing a special day to allow their comics to see the light of the outdoors, there are just as many who care enough about what others think to keep their “comic love” in the closet. Thankfully, closet comic fans need not fear any longer. This Saturday, your Supermen and your Dark Knights may see the light, because Read Comics in Public Day is upon us and we shall proudly express our true mentality.
Break out your single issues, your tenth anniversary collections, and if you must, even display your Archie and Veronica, because Geekdom is our kingdom.
Valdosta senior general studies major Katelyn Zimmerman, known affectionately by her friends as “Zim,” loves the idea of Read Comic in Public Day.
“Too many people try to hide the fact that they are comic readers,” said Zim, “I myself enjoy X-Men, Superman, Batman and Sailor Moon. I never feel embarrassed reading comics in public, but I love the idea of people being able to openly admit that they love comics. It’s a wonderful hobby and such a day may change a person’s opinions about hiding their hobbies.”
There are even some comics that Zim rarely reads in public “Some of the comics I read, are too graphic for public view.”
Zim, like all of us, will not have to worry in a few days’. Comic readers can proudly project themselves into the community. Comics have become a true form of art, and to enjoy them is to enjoy modern day mythology. With comics such as Watchmen or V for Vendetta available to rent from Odum Library, the popularity of graphic novels is impossible to deny.
On Saturday, proudly exhibit your appreciation for an incredible storytelling form. With geniuses such as Alan Moore and Stan Lee as our guides, we will celebrate our love of comics.

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