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People Poll: What do you think about possible policies with use of the front lawn?

Sydney Matheson
communications major

“The Front Lawn is just as much of a social gathering place as the Student Union, so putting a restriction on it would be lessening student interaction. That’s dumb.”

Corey Waynedouthit
pre-med major

“They gotta do what they gotta do. I think people should respect it.”

Robert Stewart
undecided major

“I don’t know because I’ve never used the Front Lawn.”

Gary Moulliet
mass media major

“It’s supposed to be for student recreation. So where else are we supposed to go?”

Heidi Wigley
biology major

“Considering I don’t really use the Front Lawn, I don’t really know what to say.”

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One comment

  1. The Front lawn provides a social medium in which students are able to gather on the safety of school grounds. Non students including the public are able to walk around our campus even though they do not attend VSU. So my questions to you as the public is if we the students who pays tuition and provide the salaries of the great faculty and staff and keep the school open and business flowing in an area which without the school would be unable to upkeep itself, why then would you ban said people from wearing cleats on a lawn that is designed for such interactions. If banning it would be in the schools “best” interest then go ahead. So where do we go now?

    Robin Lawrence
    Mass Media
    Political science

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