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2010: Year of Music Videos, Comebacks

When you listen to music on the iPod or radio, your ears are pleased with the sounds of your favorite artists; specifically artists you haven’t heard in years.
2010 has proved to be the year of The Comeback. But what actually defines a comeback? Is it when an artist has a powerful single? (We saw this with R&B legend Sade with “Solider of Love,” not so much with Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight.”)
Or is it to make an artist look better by disrespecting new talent? (Lil Kim, sit down we know you’re the best.) Whatever it is, it’s here in more ways than one.
A comeback that can be highlighted is Kanye West’s, with a promise to release a new free single every Friday until his new album comes out in November.
So far, West has released three songs: “See Me Now” featuring Beyonce and Uncle Charlie Wilson, the unexpected “Runaway Love” (remix) with Justin Bieber and Raekwon, and the popular single, “Monster,” featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Bon Iver and Nicki Minaj.
In the world of indie music, Vampire Weekend released their sophomore effort “Contra,” in January. It received mixed reviews from fans who said it wasn’t as “pop” as their debut album, “Vampire Weekend.” VW’s comeback album, with singles like “Cousins” and “Horatcha” consisted of a collaboration of synth-pop, ska, and reggae sounds that showed no shame or fear.
So what can we say for artists who plan on making that big comeback? First, come correct; you haven’t been relevant for a while. This is supposed to be your moment, so give the fans what they want.
Second, don’t attempt “that new autotune-dance sound.” Go with what works. If Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber weren’t out, who would you swaggerjack?
And finally, and I know it’s a stretch, but make the best music video you can. MTV may play them in the morning, but now there’s YouTube that can play your video 24/7!
If an artist follows the rules of a “Comeback,” then they can reach that formerly enjoyed status. (This means you Lauryn Hill!)

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