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Hopper late night dining gets mixed reviews

Hopper Dining is now open for late night dining Monday through Thursday from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. After coming back home from a party or a late night study session, Hopper Dining provides a place on campus to grab a midnight snack.

Freshmen Rico Russell is pleased with the new dining hours.

Students are shown here enjoying Hopper Late night dining. Hopper Dining provides 24-hour food service. PHOTO BY: Jessica Green/THE SPECTATOR
“I think Hopper has been a success so far because people like to eat late and Palms Dining closes early.” Russell said. “However, I dislike that sometimes I have to wait in line for awhile.”

Freshmen Ralph Jones also expressed his satisfaction with the change.

“Some nights I tend to get hungry and Hopper Dining is open which satisfies my late night cravings.” Jones said. “I think that they should offer more food options and maybe add a slush machine. Hopper Dining is much cleaner and better than Palms Dining. I might just have my birthday dinner here.”

Lawrence Gates, a Hopper dining cook, said that late night dining is beneficial to the students.

“I think late night dining has been great. It offers students something to eat,” Gates said.

Not everybody is content with the innovative dining hours. Freshmen Michaela Hardy said she doesn’t think late night dining has been a success.

“They don’t offer much food and it needs to be provided in the weekends,” Hardy said.
Several other students agree that late night dining needs to be provided throughout the entire week.

Other possible improvements that were suggested by students included fixing the ice machine and adding more course options to late dining.

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