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Professor found dead on campus

On Sunday, Sept. 5, Dr. Daniel Murphey was found dead outside of Nevins Hall. Dr. Murphey had been appointed a temporary faculty position starting this semester in the Biology Department. Murphey moved to Valdosta in Aug. from the St. James School of Medicine in the British West Indies and was preparing for his job as a biology professor. He had previously obtained a one-year position at Valdosta Technical College.
The circumstances surrounding Dr. Murphey’s death still remain unclear. Allegedly, Murphey was walking by Nevins Hall, sat on a bench, and died due to what the coroner and VSU Police Department referred to as natural causes. However, it appeared that there was no foul play according to Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson in an interview with the Valdosta Daily Times.
According to Thressea Boyd, the Lowndes County Police wanted to take over the investigation of Dr. Murphey’s death from the VSU Police Department. No other information has been given at this time.
VSU President, Dr. Patrick Schloss extended his sympathies to Murphey’s surviving relatives and family members. Funeral services have not yet been announced, Dr. Schloss said.

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  1. As a friend of, and former university colleague to, Dr. Murphey, I am saddened to hear of this tremendous loss to his family members, friends, and associates at all levels in the academic community. When a member of my family was facing surgery due to an automobile accident, Dr. Murphey took the special time to continuously call my family, offer support, and provide valuable recommendations on healing. May God Bless all his family for his wonderful contributions regarding his love for learning.


    Jonathan Klenk, Faculty

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