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Kaiser shows love for Blazer Nation

 Marc Kaiser, junior Marking major, considers himself a “super fan” and plans to play a vital role in this year’s Blazer Athletics.
 Starting his freshman year, Kaiser has been loving the support and love from VSU’s student body.
 “One thing that’s great about Titletown and Blazer Nation is that it’s not just the students, it’s a community,” Kaiser said.
 Kaiser runs in cross country, but takes all Blazer Athletics to heart. With a major in marketing, Kaiser takes what he learns from the classroom and directly applies it to his efforts in raising attendance and school spirit at games.
 “What’s cool about being a marketing major and doing marketing-related tasks is what I’m  learning in class I’m immediately able to turn over and just try it and see if it works for me,” Kaiser said.
 Getting support for his efforts to get more students involved is what drives him to stay focused.   Kaiser said working with Tom Hughes, the Marketing Director and Lindsey Lloyd, Director of Ticketing and Game Operations, makes his goals worth the time he puts in.
 “Having so much support and being in a place where whether you’re a student, athlete, or teacher, you come here to be the best that you can possibly be and to represent your school, your athletic department, your team, and yourself,” Kaiser said.
 Kaiser has planned, advertised, and carried out many events for Blazer Athletics including Pack the Park, for the softball team and helping create Spark, the faceless Blazer Nation supporter.
 After college, Kaiser plans to continue down the marketing path.  Working with Hughes and Herb Reinhard, the Athletic Director, inspire Kaiser to follow through with his ultimate goal.
 “The Athletic Department is an atmosphere I can see myself working in,” Kaiser said.
Kaiser has plans to be more involved with scheduling events and fundraisers for the 2010-2011 school year.  He plans to host another Pack the Park event for both baseball and softball and help coordinate events with the Complex Crazies during the Blazer basketball games.
 Spark will be no stranger to the limelight either. He will be attending multiple basketball games for the upcoming season and Kaiser says he hopes to see many students sporting their Blazer pride.

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