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Best years of life come to big screen

 I remember high school as a time of uncomfortable encounters with women and embarrassing moments that are punctuated with clashes of the other cliques.
 Mind you my clique wasn’t exactly swimming in the cool side of the proverbial pool, but then again I’m glad it didn’t.
  “The Virginity Hit” is kind of a reminder of everything that made you hate high school and everything that you miss at the same time.
 “The Virginity Hit” is a mockumentary of four high school seniors and their misadventures of trying to lose their virginity.
 As suggested by the title, every time one of them loses their virginity they take a hit on a special naked lady bong.
 For some reason, I’m guessing the concept is not far from many of the students that grace our campus with their presence.
 Matt Bennett becomes the last one of his four friends to be left with his virginity intact so the next hour and a half is dedicated to helping him lose it as best as he can.
 Zach Pearlman, the fat kid with the camera, is the antagonist for most of Bennett’s problems by compounding his already complicated life with his incessant filming of every moment of every day of every second.
 One such moment involves Pearlman rigging up the bedroom where Bennett and his girlfriend, Nicole Weaver, plan to finally consummate their relationship with microphones so all of their friends can listen in on the act.   Of course this leads to some hilarious dialogue of the newbie couple and of some awkward situations.
 The movie gets pretty vulgar in some areas, but to anyone under the age of 30, it is nothing new or shocking.
 Later on, Pearlman gets bolder by uploading some of the clips to YouTube to embarrass Bennett further, which isn’t far from what our generation would consider a practical joke.
 “The Virginity Hit” was produced by the same crew that contributes to the Funny or Die website that is famous for the drunken baby landlord skit with Will Ferrell.
 The low budget feel of the movie definitely contributes to the memories that we all have of high school where it was spent in bursts of excitement involving the opposite sex and the lack of anything interesting happening.
 All of the actors are unknown and will probably stay that way since nothing substantial is developed in the movie.
 The script isn’t the most exciting thing ever written, but the conversations between all of the boys are right on the mark, showing deep moments in times of idiotic hilarity.
 The angst of the high schoolers is felt through every encounter they have with the “real” world as they realize that their lives are still just beginning and not that big of a deal.
  There is even a funny encounter where Bennett is crushed by all of the bad luck he has and just loses it by attacking Pearlman after he steps over the line once again.
 I like to think that the movie is a mirror of our expectations as a culture and generation; with that said I’m definitely not happy about what I’m seeing.
 Don’t get me wrong, I think the movie is hilarious and original in how they decided to tackle their “virgin” problem, but I also feel that the movie celebrates idiotic actions and idolizes drug usage.  
 That kind of reinforcement isn’t necessarily great for a culture that watches Youtube endlessly and worships figures like Lindsey Lohan or Kanye West rather than someone who is, in a sense, worth a damn.
 I don’t want to be a buzz-kill on the party, but do you want to be remembered for the generation of Americans to be preoccupied with where the next party is?      Overindulgence is not the way and this movie is a sad reflection of our generation’s obsession with the never ending sex, drugs, and rock-n’-roll.

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