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People Poll: What’s your favorite part about homecoming?

 Rachel Holley
exercise physiology

“Everything is fun! I enjoy seeing everyone participating.”

 David Durden
music major

“I don’t really have one. Homecoming is kind of lost on me and I don’t keep up with the events.”

 Sandy Gamino
sports medicine major

“My favorite part of Homecoming is seeing everybody there preparing for Homecoming. It’s really great to see our fellow classmates showing school spirit and helping out. I really enjoy helping out in this event too.”

Bo Smith�
communications major

“What makes homecoming so great is the explosion of school spirit from all the students and teachers.  Also all the alumni come back to celebrate, hangout and share stories.”

Brandon Hudson�
criminal justice major

“My favorite part of homecoming has to be the Wild Adventures trip. It gives students the chance to get away from studying and have a great time!”

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