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SGA passes new GPA requirements

 In an effort to create a more balanced system, the Student Government Association passed new by-laws for fall 2010 regarding GPA standards for senators and executive members.
 Article 5, Section 4 of the old Constitution stated, “All Senators must have at least a 2.0, and members of the Executive Branch must possess, at the time of election and throughout their term of office a 2.25 grade point average, cumulatively.”
 However, the Constitution now calls for all SGA officials to have at least a 2.25 GPA rather than the previous set of standards.
 “It creates common ground,” vice president, Adrian Gibson, said. “The constitution was voted on and passed by the student body on Wednesday, September 14.”
 In order to pass the new by-laws, the vote needed to pass with majority–which it did by a vote of 52 to 34. 
 “I think it will raise the standards and quality of the students running, because they’ll be more responsible,” sophomore Elizabeth Petersen said.
  While the new Constitution may be put in place, there is still debate from disgruntled students on the topic.
  “If you’re going to be a social leader, you should be a leader in the classroom as well,” sophomore and formerly elected Senator Jennifer Stakich said.
 After a year and a half of debating, and two chances to vote, the issue was finally put to rest.   “In my personal opinion,” president, Demario Jones, said, “to not have the same standard for the executive and legislative branches sets a tier system of one branch being more important than the other, which in turn cancels out the need for checks and balances.”
  The new SGA by-laws are expected to create unity between members for at least the next year.

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