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SGA passes missed appointment fee bill

The VSU Student Government Association voted to pass a bill requiring students to pay a $15 fee when appointments are missed at the Student Health Center during the SGA meeting Monday.
“I voted for the bill because it is going to help in the overall decrease in people not showing up because that was the major problem for the health center,” said Jazma Hines, senate member and sophomore criminal justice major.
Before the voting was held, students shared their opinions with SGA on whether the bill should be passed. “I personally don’t agree on this bill. Students wouldn’t miss appointments as much if they were scheduled for a closer date/time, and what would the money from the fees go to?”  Kody Isenhower, junior accounting major said.
The money received for charging the fee would go towards more programs about STD’s and general health. It would help provide more free testing days and be used to fund the installation of sanitation dispensers in residence halls.
Many students attended the meeting and the majority of those in attendance were against the bill.
Although the bill passed, SGA added an amendment. Previously, a student was required to call 24 hours ahead of time to cancel an appointment. With the new bill, a student is required to inform the health center of an absence five hours before the scheduled appointment.
In order to make this transition easier for students, the health center has provided several options for notification. Students can call the health center to cancel or can cancel it online on the health center website.
The bill will take affect once SGA president Demario Jones signs it.
“Yes, the bill passed the senate, but I still must sign it before it comes into law,” Jones said.

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  1. I need to cancel an appointment but it will not allow me to register to cancel the appointment and I am having transportation issues and will not be able to make it.

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