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The Shadow Writer

According to The Chronicle Review, Ed Dante is the alias of a writer who makes a living by writing papers for an essay company and has witnessed the extreme extent of student cheating that goes unnoticed by even the most attentive professionals.

Dante has written papers for a variety of students. These papers range from simple lesson plans, to essays working towards a master’s degree in cognitive psychology.

“In the past year, I have written roughly 5,000 pages of scholarly literature,” Dante said.

He knows that many people, including professionals, point the finger at him for the alarming level of cheating and dishonesty that takes place within the classrooms and businesses of his customers; however, he blames the educational system itself.

Half of the emails he receives from students are written in that of an elementary student’s writing capability.  He wonders how a professor at any college can expect such a high level of work from students who cannot have even a remotely proper conversation.

I would never substitute my work for anyone else’s because of the long term effects.  Even if you do become successful, how long can you sustain a career that was based on the work of a stranger?

Basically, you would live a lie. Ed blames the people and the people may blame him, but I blame the students. There is a purpose of having learning centers, tutoring sessions, and heck—even learning toys that Leap Frog produces.

I honestly think that all of the students were lazy in a way. You are either too lazy to go the extra mile and honestly learn what you don’t know, or you are just too lazy to accept the fact that you don’t know certain things in the first place.

You would rather pay thousands of dollars to learn nothing than to get free tutoring for an education that is priceless. Sadly, this is the world we live in. Money speaks before the person who owns it can.  People are often so blinded by their desires that they cannot see the road they have to take to get there. In the end, we only deprive ourselves.

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