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Sexes switch places

 The sexes have been battling for generations, with men in the lead. Men have always played the big game, while women cheered on the side. But things have changed.

 As women, we have established a voice starting with the right to vote and now we can be politicians, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs and whatever else we want to be; no longer are we chained to the kitchen. Every day, women are making their way more and more into the “men’s world.” This is the question, have we come in so far that we are now becoming the dominant sex?

 The title of Hanna Rosin’s CNN article, “Are women leaving men behind?” suggests this as a possibility.

 In the article, Rosin states that more women are now in the workforce and graduate from college.

 Due to growing numbers of layoffs in the construction and manufacturing fields, men have made up 82 percent of job losses, according to Catherine Rampell of ‘The New York Times.’ Women are usually in fields, such as education and health care, which are not impacted as much by the economic rollercoaster.

Looking around campus might make it noticeable that more women than men attend the university. Of the 10, 762 undergraduate admissions for this year, about 59 percent were women, according the VSU Admissions website.

 Going by statistics alone, Rosin’s theory is solid; but honestly, no one gender should rule another.

We have broken down typical gender roles within the last few decades. Women are starting to work, while men stay home to take care of the house and children. More men are becoming famous for cooking. Women and men both hold political positions, even though men do win the presidency category.

I believe women do have a strong part in society, which I am highly grateful for. I am grateful that I am able to not only attend college, but to be writing this article for you.
It’s the concept of yin and yang, though. Without women, we would not have men; however, women need men. Men are physically able to do things women cannot. Women are there to lend a nurturing, kind ear to men when the situation calls for it. We balance each other and should work together in this world.

 I do not see myself as better than any man, as no man should value himself over me. This is an idealistic view, but it is mine to honor.

 “Man has been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind,” Rosin said. “But for the first time in human history, that is changing.”

 Women should take pride in how far we have come, but while we might be becoming more prominent in the work and college force, we have to remember that without men, we would not exist.

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