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People Poll: How do you feel about cuts to HOPE and Pell awards?

“I am worried about paying for college later with the HOPE and Pell grants being cut because right now those are the two things that are mainly paying for me to go to school. Along with an academic competitiveness grant and a small loan. I’m trying to avoid loans at all cost, and with the HOPE and Pell grant cuts then that may mean me taking out more loans.”
Amber Carter
pre-nursing major

“I’ve worked hard to pay for my college and never had any private or government assistance. I think students will take college more seriously if they have to pay for it. Although, there should be some assistance for exceptional people who do have financial problems.”
Andrew Johnson
airport and logistics management major

“Yes, I’m completely freaked out. It’s dumb. Cut Welfare or food stamps.”
Bobby Hunter
history major

“I depend on HOPE and Pell. I’m a single mom, have a freshman in college and am in school myself. I have a house payment, car payment, insurance and all of the other various expenses that people incur that do not live at home with their parents while attending school. If I were to “work my way through”, I would be eighty years old before I finish because I could only afford to take a class or two at a time.”
Deana Davis Bailey
pharmacy major

“I’m kinda worried because that means more loans to take out to cover what HOPE and Pell can’t cover to be able to finish

Kristen Branum
nursing major

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