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So how was everybody’s spring break? Who all enjoyed the sun in South Beach or the adventures of Panama City? How about St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah? Well, wherever you went over the break...

PopAddict: Rap fame comes easier, Perry goes ‘E.T.’

 So how was everybody’s spring break? Who all enjoyed the sun in South Beach or the adventures of Panama City? How about St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah?

 Well, wherever you went over the break—even if it was home, I hope you celebrated it with much needed sleep because it’s time to make it all up with papers, unnecessary assignments, and tests. Blah!

 Before I dish out the dirt about our favorite celebs, let’s have a moment of silence for the lost souls of Hollywood and the music industry—Elizabeth Taylor, 79 and Nate Dogg, 41. They will truly be missed.

 Since that’s out of the way, let’s get straight into everybody’s business. So who hasn’t seen the Rebecca Black’s video, “Friday?” I don’t know how anybody missed it because Black’s video has gotten more hits than Lady GaGa’s “Born This Way”.

 How? I guess people like watching people humiliate themselves but Black is getting paid from every hit and every download on iTunes—which is No. 33.

 Now, who wants to make a YouTube video?

 While Black is making it rain on Fridays, Chris “Breezy” Brown’s album, F.A.M.E dropped on Tuesday, and fans have been in a tweeting frenzy about it—even about his mishap with Good Morning America.

 Looking at the clips from the interview, things weren’t going Breezy’s way, and he wasn’t having it. It was said that he had a Breezy fit and showed America how “good” his morning was by breaking their window, but the show is not pressing charges against him.

 Guess the lady who was doing the interview should have focused on the album like he said.   Speaking of albums, Dr. Dre announced that April 20 will be the day he releases “Detox.”

 The date falls on a Wednesday which is weird for music industries to drop albums, but since it’s Dre, he can get his way.

 If you’re waiting for the Martians to land then wait no longer! On March 31, Katy Perry will be premiering her video for “E.T.” featuring Mr. West—Kanye West.

 No matter how extraterrestrial Perry and GaGa may be getting, Nicki is still keeping it Barbie!   Miss Minaj is looking to have a spot as a judge on “The X-Factor.” It’s not confirmed yet, but Simon Cowell is looking to release the judges for the show very soon.

 So even though Mariah Carey will not be gracing the show, The Barbie might bring life to the show!

 Can anybody please explain this Lil B, the “BasedGod” character? No disrespect to fans because I don’t want to upset the readers, but who is this “overnight” famous kid?

 Maybe it’s just me, but the kid looks Illuminati to me (I had to say it). He’s supposedly known for some song called “I Cook” that also has some dance that goes along with it. He was also nominated for a Woodie award for MTV, but lost graciously to Mr. Kanye West (which is only right).

 My only question is, is it that easy to be a rapper these days? Maybe I can rap out a whole recipe book or something and one day can make it on 106 and Park, MTV AM or the next Woodie Awards.

 Well, that’s all I have for you guys this week! Remember to spread the word about Pop Addict and keep it in your tweets and status on Facebook.

 Stay up and don’t stress yourself out…deuces!

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