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People Poll: What do you think about the new Nightlights drug?

“I don’t know what that is.”
Megan Powell
dental hygiene major

“I feel like people shouldn’t do it because it will over stimulate the dopamine in their brain and they will become depressed.”
Renee Johnson
finance major

“I have no idea what it is.”
Antoin Freedman
undecided major

“I know of it and have seen my friends on it. It doesn’t seem too bad.”
Lizzie Lohmar
math major

“I don’t really know about it, but my friends have been on it and they seemed fine on it..”
Rob Kytan
communication major

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  1. I’ve tried night lights a couple times, and absolutely it! It’s a great trip that’s lasts for hours!! Great thing for couples to do. It opens you up, let’s down your inhibitions, your able to talk about things you normally wouldn’t, or to just go more in depth about them. Sex is incredible on it, and no. It does not ruin sex for when your sober. The only complaint I have, and this could be just me, but I felt like it wore off and still wasn’t able to sleep for a couple hours after. But other than that; it makes music that more enjoyable, conversation that much more in depth, being with someone that much greater, overall…..I dig it!!

  2. I have tried nightlights even after some tell me not to. I am not one to be all into drugs but this one didnt have a bad effect. i was happy and alert and i havent done them for two weeks now and have now feeling of depression. The only thing that made me think about it more was the fact that i lost 10 pounds in two weeks but i have been fine and at the same weight for a week now. I LOVED IT

  3. idk i took it several times and it did not impair my decision making not one bit.Who ever wrote the article about the nightlight stimulate at valdosta state wrote flawed information about the stimulate and should be banned from Georgia.:)

  4. Hey bee, if you feel the need to take 3 i would space them out. I take one and then two hrs later i take another one. If im not ready ro come down ill take a half. But its really not good for your body. It stops you from eating and sleeping. Its not healthy. But it is enjoyable. 😀

  5. I wouldnt … I took 2 and was trippin balls … seeing shit …. if you do , take one every 4 hours

  6. heyy can someone please answer my question. idw to hear anyones bullshit opinions of me, if u dont like my question, roll off. but i would appreciate the help. me and my 2 girls got 1 each last time and split the 4th one in 3′s so its like we took 1.3 each. Now, i felt good, dont get me wrong ,but i didnt feeel that ORGASMIC CRAZY UNBELIEVABLE e feeeling like real good e. is it safe to take 3 each?

  7. Consuming Night Lights is no different than consuming other common household products which contain certain ingredients known to stimulate a “high”. The question shouldn’t be whether or not it should be illegal, but rather if the government does attempt to make it illegal, what message will they be displaying to the public? That we as a society are too incompetent to research the product for ourselves and then decide whether to consume in sense of a personal moderation? After all, there are plenty of household products which are well known to be abused for mental stimulation, i.e. cleaners of different sorts, spices, and even certain incenses. But we slap the “not for human consumption” label on those and go on with our day just fine. Considering you cannot purchase the product until you are at least 18 years of age (the same age you are legally able to consciously purchase cancer-causing products, such as tobacco) and being it clearly states it has NOT been evaluated by the FDA, it should be consumed at one’s own risk. Also, the categorization as a sexual stimulant and the statement that no more than one capsule should be taken in more than 24 hours alleviates a majority of the population from ever NEEDING to consume it, and when taken, has warning labels/directions preventing abuse. Night Lights, like everything else in it’s category, is nothing more than a hype and will pass like the rest.

  8. I think it’s dangerous. Lots of people are parachuting it. ( taking the capsule apart and putting it in the one ply sheet of toilet paper and swallowing it) which hits you a thousand times harder than taking the regular way.

  9. Isn’t it a stimulant? its in the store as a sexual stimulant. how do you define drug? is it that loose of a term? redbull has stimulants as well. It’s not the MDPV like that article claims, you can see a contents list of it that compound they mention does not appear. who would let them print that nightlights is bathsalts without having actual proof, and then to scare people with horror stories from a completely different thing…i just think that is ratty scare tactics instead of sticking to facts

  10. It's amazing.... But

    The feeling you have the next day is not worth it!

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