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Dreams come true for Woods

 Some people have dreams that they never dare to step out and pursue, but not this individual.   Edrick Woods, junior mass media major, who is commonly known as “Bloo,” began chasing his dream through art and hip-hop—at 20 years old, he didn’t wait until his degree was in his hands to do so.

 Inspired by anything artistic, Woods found a way to bridge together the things he loved the most in a creative and effective way, through an online magazine called Dreamanaires.

 “To me dreams are the blueprints of your life, and everyone wants to be a millionaire, so I took both terms, ‘dream’ and ‘anaire’ to create ‘dreamanaire,’ which literally means a lot of dreams,” Woods said. “We all dream, so dreamanaires.com is a place to document and help make those dreams happen.”

  The online magazine provides its readers with indie entertainment and art and news from writers and members of the Drop Out Society, who add their flare to the online magazine on various topics from current hip-hop figures to the ones who are struggling to make it in the lime-light right here at VSU.

 “I’m addicted to the indie (independent) art culture and lifestyle,” Woods said.  “There is this underground world where artists ‘grind’ to better improve their skills and showcase to society. That’s where we come in. We hope to not just focus on hip hop or the black genre, but express every ethnicity in the art world. Readers should obtain knowledge on many aspects in art that they’re not accustomed to.”

 Another important factor in Dreamanaires is editor-in-chief Samantha Sanders, a junior mass media major.

 Sanders considers the online magazine an instrument for urban artists who might not get the recognition that he or she deserves whether it is with music or on a canvas.

 “Dreamanaires is an offset to Drop Out Society, and Drop Out Society is a group where we focus on urban artists.” Sanders said. “With art, we are trying to showcase art that the school may not consider as urban.”

 Writer and member of Drop Out Society, Caleb Johnson, a senior mass media major, sees Dreamanaires succeeding 10 years.

 “I see Dreamanaires as a well established, popularized medium for urban and independent news,” Johnson said. “It’s an escape for artistically inclined individuals to fully express themselves with a strong base of readers… we actually have that now.”

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