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Pop Addict: VMA Wrap-Up

What’s good, pop addicts? Just another hot day at VSU, huh? The heat really is a pretty big nuisance. Can you say winter, please?

Anyway, one thing you know you can get from me is the latest celebs news, and like I promised last Thursday, I got something JUICY—the VMAs!

So did anyone actually understand the opening with Lady—or, Sir—Gaga? Was I the only one caught in a glimpse of confusion? I get the whole Jo-persona thing, (which some celebs like Kelly Osbourne say she jacked from past artist before us ’90 kids could even bend a knee) but did she really have to do the whole performance in Joe-mode?

Joe didn’t just steal Gaga’s performance, but throughout the whole show, there were glimpses of C.R.E.E.P.Y. Joe sitting in the audience next to Kanye West—yes, Kanye West.

West wasn’t the only one who had to put up with Joe that night. Poor Brittney Spears, who looked stunning now that she has her figure back, had to deal with Sir Gaga undressing her with his/her eyes. Then there was the almost-kiss that I think Britney wanted just as bad as that Joe schmuck.

Another thing that wigged me out were the outfits—yes, I’m getting at Nicki Minaj mainly. Even her Barbiez have to admit her outfit was horrible. It’s like she decided to throw her whole closet on to create some sort of weird slumber-party-Easter egg-hunt outfit.

And Kreyshawn! For the sake of me, I still don’t know why she or Tyler the Creator is even considered a factor in music at all, but I do see why they’re relevant to entertainment.

On the other hand, Rick Ross was out of line when he said that little remark suggesting she “perform some extra activity with her mouth (PG-13 folks)” on DJ Cali. Sure she obviously wants attention but c’mon now—you give her Cali?

You could have at least thrown someone half decent her way—like Ace Hood. They both need the publicity anyway.

Anyway, the award for the best performance of the night, by far, was stolen away by my girl, Beyonce. Yes, I may be a little biased because I am a fan—so, what?

And how cute were the shots of her husband, Jay-Z, and Kanye—who both did great performing the new single “Otis” (and no, Kayne didn’t show out this time)—when Beyonce announced that she was pregnant?

Chris “Breezy” Brown also did his thing on the stage, but he took the superman syndrome so far that the singing was completely forgotten. But who really tunes in to hear him sing; it’s all about his moves on the floor, right?

I also loved the fact that crippled Jessie J held it down in her corner of love because after Adele’s performance of “Someone like You,” you could feel the crowd energy just drop—that song was too deep.

The tribute to Amy Winehouse was very dope! Big ups to Bruno Mars for doing his thing on “Valerie.” He had the song to the “T” and the whole ‘50’s look wasn’t shabby at all. I wish they would do an all star album of her songs. Bruno would definitely make the cut with ol’ Valerie.

Now somebody answer this because I’m not too sure and I don’t want to assume—but did the VMAs have a host this year? That whole Kevin Hart not being the true host thing was kind of confusing and I’m still in question mark mode over it.

Anyway, if you missed out on the show don’t be too lame. Check it on MTV.com. Some performances were worth seeing besides Lil’ Wayne and his pajama pants…just saying.

Stay tuned to more celeb news, gossip, the latest music and videos. I’ll catch you guys next Thursday and until then, try to stay cool!

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