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Mom’s the word: This week in Hollywood, Baby boom and more

So who’s ready to turn out Valdosta High stadium for the first home game of the season tonight? I know I am—I have my towel ready!

Oh, who runs the world? Blazer Women’s soccer and volleyball team do. Congrats on the winning streak ladies!

Good news just follows good news and in celeb-mom news, Mel B from the groovy girls group back in the day popped out her third child.

Meanwhile, Victoria “bend-in-shape” Beckham seems to have lost all her baby weight after she had her bundle of joy in July.

Can one of these spices tell me how in the heck they snap those bodies back?

I wonder if Miami Basketball “almost” wife, Evelyn Lozanda, can generate the same magic. Word on the streets (and Twitter) say that Ev will be expecting her little Ochocincos in the near future.

If she doesn’t return to season four then we’ll know for sure.

I guess this is baby season because Kimmy Cakes wants a shower, too.

She’s already making plans to put a bun in her oven, but I’m not so sure she should be thinking of baby names quite yet.

Mr. Bittersweet Ray J is still trying to take her shine since the wedding. I need honey to move on.

Ray J’s latest stunt is going to have him in courts once Kim hears about him trying to sell that sex tape again.

They handled this once, and now his attention-hungry tail is trying to stir up trouble yet again.

Speaking of putting things out, the Smiths haven’t been in much marital bliss lately since that sex scene on Hawthorne. The media has been eating at Will and Jada’s marriage vows since word got out about a separation.

The streets predict the Smiths will do the “we’re staying in it for the kids” type of deal, until the last one leaves the house.

Hopefully, the two can hold out. If not, I’m quite sure Marc “Skeletor” Anthony doesn’t mind playing step daddy.

In the world of awkward hip-hop, where skinny jeans rule and pink wigs shut down events, it looks like Lil Wayne can talk a little trash.

His “Tha Carter IV” shattered sales for “Watch the Throne” not only digitally but in stores, too.

I guess you can wear skinny jeans, Jay? It’s Lil Wayne’s knots that don’t fit.
And in case you missed it, we all knew Serena “big booty” Williams got skills, but who knew she could do it with a split?

Home girl went for the ball and ended up in a Chinese split while taking the game! Who runs the world? Big Booty Rena!

And keep shaking your head because it gets better. Everybody knows the international sweetheart, Celine Dion, right?

Of course you do. The lady that sung that song that makes you cry during the Titanic when the ship sinks. Yeah, her!

Well, some creep broke into her home. What did the invader take? Nothing!
The weirdo ate some pastries and took a warm bath in the lady’s tub. He really made himself at home, huh?

Well, that’s all I have for you guys today! Until next time stay tuned for what’s happening out there in the entertainment world because every Thursday you know I will hold it down for ya!

Keep up those grades and get out of school!

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