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Fabulous Pizza brings authentic Italian flavor

Earlier this year, Fabulous Pizza on Jerry Jones Drive opened its doors to the public for the first time.

Located by Slap Daddy’s right off of Baytree Road, this Italian inspired restaurant attempts to set itself apart by providing what Luis Leiva, the owner, calls good quality food, as well as having cheaper prices than its competitors.

As soon as I walked in and sat at the nearest table, I was greeted by one of the waiters who wasted no time to ask if I needed anything. This made me happy as he showed me that he cared about the customers.

The atmosphere was peaceful and quiet. I don’t know if it is always like that or if it was because there weren’t many customers there at that moment.

Music was playing and two televisions had been placed in various corners of the restaurant for customers to enjoy.

My friends really enjoyed the setting. They also liked the waiter’s laid back demeanor and one of them actually referred to him as being handsome.

Since it was our first visit, I asked the waiter what he recommended we order. He couldn’t really suggest anything, so my friends just made up their minds to simply order different kinds of pizza.

Sheena Williams, sophomore psychology major, ate a personal pan cheese pizza that was bigger than the personal pans at Pizza Hut, but the same price.

The pepperoni slice that Arkeriya Woods, junior early childhood education major, received was also bigger than the normal slice of pizza.

However, there’s more on this menu than just pizza. Fabulous Pizza also has fabulous pasta, though it was a little too greasy. It has Panini, as well as seafood items.

The restaurant offers many other things with hopes that the food will keep its customers coming back.

When speaking with the owner, I could see that he took pride in the fact that all of his pizzas come from his own recipes, inspired by the Italian culture. He is especially proud of his margherita pizza, one of his best-selling pizzas. Like his other pizzas, all of the ingredients are fresh.

Some of his customers, however, do not like his fresh ingredients.

Along with Woods, Kimberly Wright, junior marketing major, would rather prefer “synthetic” ingredients.

For instance, Woods didn’t really like the pepperoni because it was not artificial.

Leiva has something special to offer those VSU students who enjoy a good slice every now and then.

Every day, students can get a slice of pizza and a drink for only $4.99 simply by flashing their VSU 1card. Wright took advantage of this for her pepperoni slice and pink lemonade.

I also had the pink lemonade and it is amazing. Children can eat free all day on both Sundays and Wednesdays.

My friends’ ratings were a little average. After the pasta that I ate, I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

However, it was a little overpriced. I paid a total of $9.24 for my meal—a little too high for a small plate of pasta and a drink (unless it’s Olive Garden).

Feeling no pressure from his competitors, Leiva says that he hopes to one day have more Fabulous Pizza restaurant locations. Who knows? Maybe, we will see him somewhere else opening his second restaurant one day.

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