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New senators, events in SGA meeting

The Student Government Association briefly discussed the recent senate retreat, briefed last week’s town hall meeting, and covered several other miscellaneous announcements during Tuesday night’s meeting in Powell Hall.

Derika Powers, SGA vice president, noted that the senators progressed last week.

“Last week was one of the first times that our senators could exercise their knowledge of making motions, debating, and voting on other topics besides potential senators,” Powers, a senior psychology major, said.

“SGA senators were able to practice their knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order.”

During last week’s meeting, SGA passed the motion to sponsor Health Services with a Health Awareness Event for the student body. However, this event has been cancelled.

“The senate passed the motion to co-sponsor an event with Health Services for a Health Awareness event for all VSU students,” Powers said. “However, due to scheduling conflicts this event has been canceled and Health Services will not receive the requested funds from SGA.”

Also debated during last weeks meeting, SGA voted Amber Worthy, Paul Rosemond, and Ryan Baerwalde as new senators.

“As a new senate member, I feel as though this will be a productive and recooperating year for SGA,” Paul Rosemond, a junior business management major, said.

Powers was not happy with the overall turnout from the senate retreat during the past weekend.

“The turnout for the senator retreat was less than expected due to senators who may have been attending either church or had previous scheduling conflicts,” Powers said.

However, Powers was pleased with the progress made from the senators who were present.

“Those of us who did attend had a great time getting to know each other and working hard together on different obstacles at the CORE Ropes Course,” Powers said.

The retreat, which is mandated by Article VIII: Senator Orientation in the SGA bylaws, requires SGA to hold a senator orientation during the fall semester to discuss many different subjects as well as the goals of SGA over the next school year.

Some of the senators felt the retreat offered a positive message.

“Although only 14 of us were there, we were able to form bonds with each other as we completed the different challenges,” said Ryan Baerwalde, senator, head of rules committee, and a sophomore history major. “I feel that these bonds are very important because after the heated elections of last spring, it left our SGA obviously divided.”

SGA will hold another retreat at a later date with the hope of a larger attendance.

Also on the agenda, SGA briefed last week’s town hall meeting which was an informal event designed to build relations between SGA and VSU students.

According to President Graham Davis, it was very beneficial.

“The town hall meeting was certainly a success,” Davis, a junior political science major, said. “We had a few guests that had some very important questions to ask.”

In other news, SGA had several reports from the committees, as well as volunteers for the campus lighting walk with Dean Mast and faculty members.

“The campus lighting issue is one that Dean Mast has been instrumental with,” Davis said.

“The group that has been selected, which also has some senators within it, will walk around campus to inspect the lighting in troublesome areas to see where improvements, if any, need to be made.”

Senator Nigel Richardson introduced “Sleep Out for Homeless” an event designed to bring the problems that plague homeless people every day to the attention of VSU students.

The event will take place next Tuesday at 7 p.m. and will last until Wednesday at 7 a.m.

Newly elected Senator Rosemond reminded the senate of the Collegiate Men of VSU meeting this coming weekend.

“There will be a meeting Saturday at 2 p.m. in which we will recognize new members,” Rosemond said.

“After the meeting Collegiate Men of VSU will be cleaning the Sustella parking deck for community service. Also Saturday night (it) will be having a membership social at Jac’s Bowling lanes. We are a diverse organization and are always looking to improve the lives of men here at VSU.”

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