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Hudson moves on, Kardashian considers calling it quits, Bad Girl Cat dishes on Drake’s bedside manner

How was everybody fall break? I hope it was as productive as mine—for real, I didn’t get anything done but I caught up on some much needed sleep! I’m so lazy I can’t even get back into the flow of things.

So let me just get into it before I fall asleep. Well, Terell Owens. fans I think this is our favorite dream guy’s end. Owens can’t get a team to pick him up to save his life—his life’s savings that is. Not one team showed up at his publicized try outs. At least VH1 still has faith in you even though all that crying probably turned the coaches away. I kid! I kid!

While ex-footballer T.O. is trying to break his way into a team, Jennifer Hudson is breaking it off with her boo-thang Punk from I Love New York (I wonder what happened to Tiff?) Yes, people, the heiffa lost a lot of weight and got brand new on the boy! Guess he got a little jealous over Jen’s new career that her slim figure brought about not excluding the extra male attention she’s been getting.

I see you Jen! Dropping more than just weight these days, huh? And from what I hear Jen isn’t the only one who is calling it quits!

Supposedly, Kim Kardashian is hating the married life to her ogre Kris Humphries. Guess he don’t know how to fall in like good “huffies” do. He better get his act together before he gets the boot because if he knows what I know the lockout isn’t making him any money right now (I don’t think he made that much anyway), so if Kimmy Cakes says jump he better come back down with a star.

Kris might be humping his way out of a sure meal but Lindsey Hohan, oh excuse me Lohan, is about to make it rain with the help of Playboy. She won’t be missing any meals being broke because Playboy filled her account with $1 mil just to pose nude—something we all could see for free if we got her wasted. Not mad at Linds for using what she got to get back on top—RT!

So who remembers Cat from Bad Girls Club season 5? Thick’ems with the tiny waste that every woman envied and hated at the same time. Well that girl had a rapper we all admire fantasizing about that a** too! No other than the lonely-but-always-tricking-emo Drake! Cat did a kiss and tell for the world to hear.

Since Angela Yee from The Breakfast Club (NY’s hottest morning show, my opinion) played it this morning, I know everybody clocking his bedroom game because ol’girl had nothing bad to say.

While you look for the bad girl’s kiss and tell, did you see those Denver Broncos QB & WR getting intimate on the sideline? In case you missed it, QB Tim Tebow and WR Demaryius Thomas has officially put a new spin to high fives and brotherly love by sucking each other down on the sidelines for the nation to see Sunday night (well it was more like a light peck; smoothing siblings would do). Can’t wait to see the press releases about that one!

Well folks that’s all I have today. My eye lids are slowly closing and I don’t know if I’m going to make it to Friday. While I focus on the weekend, y’all tune in next week for the juiciest celeb gossip I can find and the hottest tracks and videos out—speaking of which, check out J.Cole’s “Lost Ones” video; that ish is real deep! Until next time folks, stay in the books *nods off*.

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