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Unthink launches social network

Everybody, these days, wants to be famous.

The stars of “Jersey Shore” are tremendously famous for fighting with each other and portraying negativity on national television.

Every so-called “wife” on the “Basketball Wives” and “Basketball Wives: LA” shows are famous for not being actual basketball wives.

Upstart Unthink is no different.

This is an organization that focuses all of its attention on rising concerns about Facebook’s and Google’s lack of privacy for its users.

They’ve launched an online video, which stars a young woman expressing her emotions about how she feels “controlled” by Facebook.

Also in the video is a man who resembles the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, as well as another man acting as a representative for Google.

Now, we all know that Facebook has a reputation for exposing one’s business in statuses, newsfeeds, notifications, etcetera.

But, here’s the thing that many do not understand.

Facebook only shares on its website what one allows it to share.

This means that if you log in to your account and voluntarily post your private business right before clicking the share button, there is no way that you can get mad at the social website.

You made that decision to go in and share with the entire world of Facebook what happened with your relationship breakup, what happened during that day, or whatever.

No one held a gun to your head. You typed those words; therefore, you should get mad only at yourself.

I greatly understand the concept that people don’t want websites to give out their account information to advertisers. There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way.

On the contrary, when one signs up for websites such as Facebook, there isn’t going to be 100 percent account privacy—not when the website sees an opportunity to make more money.

One could simply ignore all of the advertising on both Facebook and Google pages.

I’m not saying that it’s fully right. I’m just highlighting the fact that the members know this before they sign up. Every social network does this.

That’s why people should read the Terms of Use and Privacy information before clicking “accept” during the registration process.

Here’s another thing. Unthink says that it will provide an “anti-social” website where people could go and enjoy their privacy.

Users would be able to take their pictures and other information straight from Facebook and add them to the Unthink website.

In my head, I imagine that other users would be able to go into the website and look at the photos while possibly commenting on them. I hope that the pictures wouldn’t be up there for nothing.

I mean, who wants to log in and look at only pictures of themselves every day, besides conceited people?

So, call me crazy, but Unthink pretty much sounds like a social network that is attempting to get all of the fame that Facebook and Google have.

I just have one thing to say about that.

If it wants to be the new social network in town, then it shouldn’t try to blatantly steal a major social website’s users.

“Unthink” should really start “thinking” of other ways to get its shot at 15 minutes of fame that don’t include attacking successful websites.

Unthink, please don’t be a hater.

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  1. So let me get this straight…. This is a social media startup, blasting other social media startups about users being SOCIAL on the web? If you wanted that much privacy.. unplug your cable modem.

    If they get more than 10,000 users worldwide… i’d be shocked.

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