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Split breaks provide relaxation

Thanksgiving break is so close I can almost taste that delicious bird and my mom’s homemade stuffing, but first we will have to endure two more days of class before that mouth-watering break.

What’s so bad about that?

Apparently, some universities give their students the whole week of Thanksgiving off, while others, like VSU, split the break into a three day Thanksgiving break and a two day fall break that occurs in October.

Some people may find that first option to be highly appealing, but you have to think about the consequences.

If VSU had a whole week off for Thanksgiving break that would mean that we would not have any long weekends, besides Labor Day, from the middle of August all the way to the end of November. That’s around three months of class, Monday to Thursday or Friday depending on your schedule, until we finally get a week off. Too long!

Not to mention the fact that after having nine total days off we would be expected to switch back into student mode for a week of classes before our professors slam us with finals. Yeah, that’s not happening.

Fall break is essential to maintaining my sanity during the semester. It gives us just enough time to relax or even plan a long weekend getaway without letting us lose focus on our studies—and hey, when fall break ends it gives us another break to look forward to with Thanksgiving.

Some people may say, “Well, what about spring break?”

The key to spring break is that it effectively splits the spring semester into two even study chunks. We come in and study hard for two months, recharge for a week (if that’s what you call it), and then jump back into the study boat and sail to finals with our freshly reinvigorated brains. Timing is the key, and Thanksgiving break does not fit that model.

So before you go running to SGA and demanding a whole week off for Thanksgiving break, imagine three straight months of test taking, study groups and hours of homework. Not too appealing, right?
But who am I kidding. Half the school will end up skipping Monday and Tuesday anyways.

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