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VSU graduate opens The Vixen Boutique

“Glamorous” is just one word VSU graduate, Lisa Thurmond, uses to describe her new business.

According to its Facebook page, The Vixen Boutique is a shop that “represents the power and femininity of a woman.”

Located on 1650-C Baytree Rd., the boutique has been in operation since Feb. 9, but will present its grand opening Saturday.

“The Vixen contains today’s fashion, but at an affordable price”, Thurmond said.

Walking into The Vixen, anyone can tell that it is a unique boutique that focuses on the empowerment of women.

The bright pink walls are covered in photographs of Marilyn Monroe and inspiring, encouraging quotes, one of them reading, “The secret of having it all, is knowing you already do.”

The boutique sells glamorous style clothes, accessories, and purses and even has a shoe line coming in soon.

Thurmond created The Vixen with friend and business partner, Joy Kelly, a family and marriage therapy graduate student.

“I wanted The Vixen to be a place where a girl could come in and feel like they are the best girl they can be,” Thurmond said.

Attending VSU for both undergraduate and graduate school, the English major turned business owner, Thurmond, finished school in 2010.

While working in retail, she took a public administrations class for her master’s program that taught about entrepreneur skills.

“After taking it, I knew I had to be an entrepreneur,” she said.

For Thurmond, finding unique clothes was a hassle.

“I’d have to travel to Tallahassee or Atlanta to get unique clothes that not everyone had,” she said “I knew I had to make a store to stop having to travel.”

The Vixen offers affordable clothing for women in college, offering an exclusive experience by only carrying one size of each clothing piece.

Taylor Thomas, a sophomore early childhood education major, noted it provided an opportunity for girls to be more individualized. “It helps portray uniqueness,” she said.

Thurmond hopes to make The Vixen into a chain.

“I would like 10 stores throughout the country, specifically in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami,” she said.

The Vixen Boutique is actively involved with the young women of the community.

One program that is offered is “Pretty Prom Princess, a program that brings underprivileged girls into the boutique, at the beauty glam bar, to get their hair and nails and make-up done for prom.”

Freshman Nursing major, Hannah Bray thinks that the various programs are great.

“It’s great that their making a difference in girls lives,” Bray said.“I’ve heard of The Vixen Boutique before, and now I really want to check it out.”

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