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CAB sponsors paintless paintball



The Late Night Committee for CAB teamed up with Legacy Entertainment Group, bringing in a crowd of 120 students with its first Paintless Paintball Blitzball event Tuesday night.

The event ran from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Student Union Ballrooms A and B.

There was one basic rule of the game: you get hit, you’re out.

Although the function was indoors, the ballrooms were decorated similar to an actual paintball field to give the effect for the players.

Equipment included a harmless pressure gun that shot the rubber-like ball—substitutes for actual paintballs—and protective masks.

“I think it’s fascinating that we have masks because the masks kind of distort what you see,” said Malcolm Mayfield, executive chairman for Late Night Committee of CAB. “Although it’s not like real paintball, you get some elements of real paintball through the use of the masks.”

At the door, students signed up and were grouped into teams of five.

Many groups were able to cycle through for rematches.

“In all the matches we’ve ever hosted, women and men teams compete,” said Dave Flory, event coordinator for Legacy. “The women’s team has never lost.”

This tradition held at VSU as the women again beat the men.

The game was thrilling and competitive between the players.

Information for upcoming events hosted by CAB and the Late Night Committee can be found at: www.valdosta.edu/stulife/cab/UpcomingEvents.shtml.

All events sponsored by CAB are free for VSU students.

Legacy offers other entertainment services such as Black Light Casino nights and X-Box Game Zone.

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