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Siblings’ business promotes local music

Based in Alpharetta, Ga., Helicon Trio Promotions is a family-owned business geared to promote musicians statewide.

Helicon Trio Promotions began in late-2011 as a joint-effort between siblings Amanda, Aaron and Adam Bissonnette.

“Helicon Trio Promotions aims to help small bands, musicians and venues communicate with a broader audience, while providing a creative, collaborative and stimulating promotional campaign for our clients,” Amanda Bissonnette, co-owner, said.

As well as co-owning Helicon Trio Promotions with her brothers, Amanda is the director of digital strategy, marketing and accounts.

She was given an internship working at VSU as a project manager and writer for Georgia Music Magazine from Dr. Patricia Miller, a VSU professor.

The internship propelled Amanda’s work with music marketing.

Aaron studied Film and Music Production at Georgia State University and works as the company’s videographer and video editor.

“Aaron is a self-taught video prodigy,” Amanda said.

Currently, Aaron is out-of-town working on a project.

Adam has been working as a graphic designer for more than seven years, and currently owns a freelance web designer page: www.adambiss.com.

“For the last couple years I’ve really been focusing on photography and really honing my skills,” Adam Bissonnette, co-owner and photographer, said. “So I approached my sister and brother with the idea of using all of our skills for good. Music is a medium we are all inspired by and love.”

In promoting music, Helicon Trio Promotions also takes on aspiring musicians, works with venues for live performances and supports any businesses that also support the music industry.

“Music is a medium we are all inspired by and love,” Adam Bissonnette said. “And there is nothing better than going out and hearing live music down at your local pub or bar.”

Hoping to help musicians get to the next level, Helicon Trio aims to help upcoming artists with promotional photos and videos to post on their own social networking sites.

“When you go to their website and see poor quality photos and shaky videos it really doesn’t pump you up to go out to see one of their events,” Adam said. “So we want to take advantage of that market and help these groups bring in more business and really get noticed.”

The trio plans to see their artists gain a record deal from their promotion.

The Bissonnette family would like to see their business reach out and assist many musicians and a variety of venues throughout Georgia.

Helicon Trio Promotions has their own website with more information at helicontrio.com.

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