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1.5 Minutes of Fame

Can you . . .




Tell Jokes?

Play Music?

Perform Magic?

Perform Hidden Talents?

This is your chance at 1.5 Minutes of Fame!

Who:  Any VSU Student with a talent to show off!

How:  Film your 90 second video and upload it to YouTube.  Send us the link and we will put it up on our website for everyone to vote on!

When:  Voting will begin the week of March 19 and winners will get to compete in our end of the semester talent show on April 26.

Submission Deadlines                               Vote at The Spectator Website Starting:

Wednesday, March 21st                                   Thursday, March 22nd

Wednesday, March 28th                                   Thursday, March 29th

Wednesday, April 4th                                          Thursday, April 5th

Wednesday, April 11th                                        Thursday, April 12th

Wednesday, April 18th.                                      Thursday, April 19th

The Rules Are As Follows:

1. Videos must be 1.5 minutes (90 secs), as the title indicates. Videos longer than 90 seconds are subject to trimming or possible removal from the contest.

2. All acts must be PG-13. Use your smarts and don’t send us anything you wouldn’t want anyone special to see.

3. Email all submissions to John Pickworth at jtpickworth@valdosta.edu

4. If your video wins the poll and you are admitted to the talent show, your act must be no longer than 5 minutes.

Each week, the 2 videos with the most votes in the poll will be declared winners and be added to the 1.5 Minutes of Fame live talent show. Videos not chosen will remain on the poll for subsequent weeks, and may still be chosen.

Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the live talent show.

The Categories:

-Athletic tricks
-Poetry/Spoken Word

Let’s get those cameras rolling! Send us your videos- you’re the star!

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