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iPad 4G now available in tech shop

 The iPad 4G reached the shelves of the Tech Shop last Friday boasting improved features, the option for more gigabytes and a $499 sticker price.

According to Casey Stokes, a sales associate at VSU’s Tech Shop, the iPad 4G differs from the iPad 2 in three major ways including the new retina display with its higher quality screen resolution, a dual processor and a 5 megapixel camera.

 “The only physical difference is that the new iPad is a bit thicker than the iPad 2,” Stokes said.

 The iPad 4G comes in three storage capacity options: the 16, 32 and 64 gigabyte flash memory models and are available in both black and white.

 Since the release of the fourth generation iPad, the price of the iPad 2 has been reduced to $399 and is available in the tech shop with 16 gigabyte flash memory.

 “A lot of students have been asking about the Ipad 4G, but it has not been flying off the shelves,” Stokes said.

 According to Jed Brogdon, tech shop manager, this could be due in part to the tech shop’s tendency to receive these new shipments during school breaks when students are not on campus.  

 Students’ responses were varied in their interest concerning the iPad 4. Some students, like junior paralegal studies major Jason McDaniel, are concerned with the efficiency of the device.

 “Being in Valdosta isn’t great for 4G, so the new model isn’t very useful for us,” McDaniel said.

 Other students like Shelby Grieshober, a freshmen undecided major, are interested in obtaining the iPad 4G, but can’t swing the cost on a student budget.

 “I’m interested in the new iPad, I just can’t afford it right now,” Grieshober said.

 Some students were less enthusiastic.

  “The new model sounds nice but I wouldn’t be interested in the 4G because it’s not a necessity to me…I already have the older one,” Oprah Mitchell, a sophomore undecided major, said. “Besides, there is always paper and computers.”

 Other students decided to wait.

 “I’m going to wait for the Ipad 2 to become a little more obsolete,” William Perkins, a sophomore para legal studies major, said. “It seems that the only real upgrade is the HD screen.”

LaBrit Bulluck and JJ Wortham also contributed to this article.

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