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Pop Addict: Iverson goes broke, Magic buys Dodgers

Hello guys and dolls! I’ve got my remote ready. Are you ready to surf some channels?


 The Trayvon Martin tragedy is a big topic amongst everybody. Celebrities everywhere have become a part of the fight for justice including singer Chaka Khan who recorded a tribute to the slain teen.
 Irish singer- songwriter Sinead O’Connor even wrote an open letter to Trayvon’s family and the black community.

 The Miami Heat took a picture with hoodies on. And people around the globe are posting pictures in hoodies. Let’s hope this movement teaches people a valuable lesson about race discrimination.


 Remember when Allen Iverson was one of the best NBA players? Remember when everybody wore his jersey?

 Well it seems that his wife feels he is no longer relevant either.

 Tawanna Allen wants a divorce from the former sports superstar but it seems “The Answer” is not feeling the divorce.   Iverson and his lawyer have sent papers to show their divorce judge that the couple is still intimate, and that’s enough for the judge to throw it out. Nobody is sure whether AI wants to save his marriage or slow down the process of spousal support since he is supposedly “broke.”


 Magic Johnson has written the blueprint for athlete entrepreneurs to follow after their sports careers. The NBA legend and his business group have become part owners of the MLB franchise the LA Dodgers. Johnson dished out $2 billion for this deal. LA Dodgers fans everywhere were excited.


 Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova was the first dancer eliminated on “Dancing with the Stars.” Why does it always seem like the male athletes do better than the female ones?


 Lindsay Lohan and Whoopi Goldberg have been confirmed to guest star on “Glee.” Lindsay is rumored to play herself as a celebrity judge at a competition. Whoopi will play a professor from the New York Academy Dramatic Arts, (Kurt and Rachel’s dream school).


 “Hunger Games” broke the box office with its release last Friday bringing in $2.5 million. It had the third best opening ever.

 When they say reading is fundamental I guess some Hunger Game fans should have paid attention.

 Many fans were disappointed that characters Rue (Amanda Sternberg) and Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) were played by black actors.

 Some tweets read:

“why does rue have to be black? I’m not gonna lie, it kinda ruined the movie.”

 “Call me racist but when I found out Rue was black her death wasn’t as sad. #ihatemyself.”

 “Awkward moment when Rue is some black girl and not the little blonde innocent girl you picture.”

  Well if they were such fans, they would know in the book Rue is described as having dark brown skin and eyes. I guess reading between the lines isn’t everyone’s strong point.


 Director Michael Bay is telling fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise to take a chill pill. Fans are upset about that he is shortening the title to simply “Ninja Turtles.”

 Well at least he kept the turtle part. I don’t care about the changes he made as long as the movie is awesome!

 Well guys, check back next week for a full blast of channel flipping!

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