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Blazefest promotes music homegrown in Valdosta

Update — April 20: The date of Blazefest has been changed to Friday, April 17. Music is slated to begin at 1:30 p.m. and the event will last until 8:30 p.m. Blazefest will still be held on the Front Lawn.


VSU welcomes the community to the second annual Blazefest on the front lawn Sat. beginning at 12 p.m. hosted by WVVS BlazeFm 90.9.

 Four of the artists featured in the “229 Anthem,” including hip-hop artist Michael “Cloroks” Duren will perform as part of the event.

 The “229 Anthem” is a song dedicated to Valdosta and surrounding cities within the 229 area code. It was created to instill a sense of pride and awareness for the local music scene and the video has almost 21,000 views on YouTube.

 Duren, who will perform songs from his new mix tape named “COULDABEEN,” said that the community is really supporting the “229 Anthem.”

 “People see it and all [of] the views it got and notice that it’s locally done, and in turn that inspires them and shows that they can do it too if they just go for it,” Duren said.

 The song idea started with Erich “E-Rich” Weigand, music producer and former VSU graduate.

 Other performances include Rescue Blues, SIN, Ninja Gun, The Lindsey Paige Band and many more.

 Local neighborhood Blanton Common will provide free t-shirts, Titletown will give out water and Jimmy Johns will hand out samples.

 There will be an after-party at Titletown following Blazefest, which is set to end at 8 p.m.  The only way for students to get into the after party will be to get a wristband from one of the tables at Blazefest and show it at the door.
 Andrew Ritfield, promotions director for BlazeFm, said that Blazefest is a way to support the music scene, bring awareness to BlazeFm and the event will feature a balance of music genres.

 Ritfield added that Blazefest will bring the attention to Valdosta’s music scene that this city needs.

 “I feel like it’s a lack of awareness about Valdosta,” Ritfield said.

Each artist performing at Blazefest will get 1 hour sets.

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