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The Love Game: Do’s and don’ts of breaking up

Breaking up is hard to do. This is a cliché that finds its way around town quite a lot.
It’s natural for a person’s emotions to diminish, but that person has to handle it with the proper care. 

 If you approach breaking up with a partner carefully and maturely, you’ll lessen the chances for fighting and a broken heart.

 It’s hard for people to hear that their partners want to end the relationship. With these few easy steps, you can make it not only easier on the other person, but yourself, as well.

 1.Know why you are breaking up.
 People like answers—especially people who are hurting. They want to know why you want to end the relationship—no matter how long or how short it is.
 In order to end the relationship, you have to know how to explain why you don’t want to be in it anymore.
 Knowing why benefits both of you; that way you can both learn from the experience. A person can use your break-up reasons to help them know what and what not to do in his or her next relationship.
 The best way to understand your reasons, if you are still debating whether breaking up is worth the trouble or not, is to make a pros and cons list. Develop a list that examines everything that is good in the relationship as well as everything that is bad.

 2.Make sure the break-up is done FACE-TO-FACE.
 Sending text messages or leaving voicemails is childish, immature and should be frowned upon. 
 You’re already risking hurting that person by breaking up with him or her, so at least have the courage to do it in person.
 In our eyes, being a coward is equivalent to breaking up with that person any other way but in person.
  You have to do it face-to-face if you’re in a serious relationship,” Rich Santos, dating blogger for Marie Claire, said. “Taking the easy way out is pretty lame.”
 Keep in mind that any form of written or recorded communication may come back to haunt you as text messages can be showed to other people and voicemails can be played again.

 3. Don’t be cruel while telling that person that you want to break up.
 Now that you know why you want to break up, figure out how you want to tell that person.
 Being cruel and thoughtless in your break-up has the potential to damage that person severely. Remember that you once cared, or you still care about, this person. He or she is a human and has feelings that may be a little sensitive at this point.
 Being ruthless is not a good trait to have.
You wouldn’t want someone to be harsh to you, so don’t be harsh to someone else.

 4. Get rid of evidence of the relationship.
 Anything and everything that reminds you of your partner should be hidden, or thrown away, if you choose.
 It will be harder to get through the pain and shock of that person not being in your life anymore if you still have pictures of them and gifts from them strewn around the room.
 If you make the decision to keep things from the relationship, keep it out-of-sight. Don’t look at it again until you feel you have gotten over the break-up. Keep in mind that memories are memories—lessons learned and all that jazz.

 5. Remember, the pain doesn’t last forever and you will get over it, eventually.
 Well, that’s self-explanatory.

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