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Music department promoting live music

The VSU music department encourages students to immerse themselves in more live music experiences.

“The experience of going and hearing a live concert is very different from hearing one  over the computer and I think it’s really important and critical,” Doug Farwell, professor of trombone, said.

The music department provides nearly 200 events throughout  the year including student, faculty and guest performances. The events,  which aim to provide the community with the same enriching performances,  are held at Whitehead Auditorium  and a number of places such as First Christian Church and Tifton Performing Arts Center.

The variety of events ranges from solo saxophone to large choir and jazz band play.

“We try to provide programs to the community while allowing students to fulfill degree requirements,” Farwell said.  “So it’s a dual learning experience for the community and the students.”

For September, there are nine more events that will be held in Whitehead Auditorium. Most of their events are free to VSU students.

According to Farewell, while there has been previous success, he’s expecting a lot more attendance- wise.

“Our events have been very successful but I wish we can get more students to come and experience the live music.” Farwell said.

Their events schedule is posted on the VSU department of music web page as well as their Facebook page.

The PDQ Bach Recital, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble are something students would really enjoy,” Farwell said. “PDQ Bach is a kind of comic slapstick performance and Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble are large group performance.”

The Wind Ensemble will be on Monday at 7:30 p.m. and the  Jazz Ensemble  will be on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Whitehead Auditorium.

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